So, as a human being with 2D artist background, this has bothered me enormously.

One director, anonymously, was saying why the company he is working for is not pursuing 2D animation, and that is fine.

I was not happy obviously of the fact that one more job has been diminished for my fellow 2D animators and I, but whatever. What can I do about it.

But what this girl asked me made me pause for good 3 seconds as if I did not get what she was asking.

She asked me “in 2D animation, do you draw everything?” and this girl has enough background to know what the difference between 3D and 2D are.

But patiently I calmed down and said, “yes. we draw everything”.

She asked “do you paint everything?” “Yes, we paint everything(assuming bg and coloring)”.

She asked “so have you made a 90 min film before?” I asked “have you made a 90 min CG film before?” she said no.

Then, she asked me “so do you draw everything and color everything?” I said, annoyed, “yes we animate first, then ink, then color EVERYTHING”.

Then she told me that she once animated by hand and gave me the look as if why would a person go through so much crap to make just one “thing”.

Then she asked me what kind of programs we use.

But by the time, with all honesty, she knows how I feel about what that “respectable” director said(because it happend right after), so I do not know if she asked me all those questions to make me feel better or not.

But guess what “girl”. Any medium you use, whether it’s 2D or 3D, they both make a film, and that is a form of ART.

I personally love 2D because it’s like when girls read Jane Austin’s books, we LOVE the old thing. It has certain beauty in it that is very different from the beauty right now.

It’s sad that it’s fading away, but it will never go away because the real beauty always finds it’s way out!

So, I’m sorry that you have no common knowledge about other people’s major, but you should know better about the right “Timing”, and that it does not matter if it’s 2D or 3D. Don’t ask such idiotic questions when someone is a bit upset about one more job turning against you.

And I know you were asking me all those questions about 2D with the attitude of “why would you do that to yourself” and “why don’t you just change your major into 3D instead”, I want to give you a friendly advice :)

Good luck with that girl, both of them have no easy way out.


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